How to claim your IOTA using the Light Wallet

Due to an update to the IOTA Signing Scheme is has become necessary for all users to "claim" their IOTA by sending them to a new, updated address.

Note: please read and understand our disclaimer at the bottom of the page before attempting this!

Requirements needed for this guide are:
  • the Light Wallet (which can be found within the GUI).
  • your old Seed that contains your IOTA.
  • a new Seed that you will now use going forward (you could use the 'Generate Seed' feature within 'Tools' in the GUI Wallet).

Step 1:
Download the latest version of the GUI, install it and and run in Light Wallet mode.

Step 2:
Input the address of the Light Wallet server you wish to connect to. You can find a list of public nodes that accept connections here.

Save your seed in a safe place - without it you will not be able to access your IOTA!

In the above example, we have connected to the IOTA Support server:

Step 3:
Within the Light Wallet, select 'Tools -> Claim Process'.

Step 4:
On the following screen, enter your old seed that needs to be upgraded.

Now you need to enter a newly generated seed, twice.

Remember that it may only contain capital latin letters and 9s and that it should be 81 characters long. Save your seed in a safe place - without it you will not be able to access your IOTA!

Saving your Seed on your computer or any online device may not be safes. To increase security you could print your seed, delete it from your computer and store the print out securely. Or you could consider using a password manager.

Step 5:
Claim your iotas by pressing the 'Claim' button and wait until the transaction has been broadcasted.

You have now successfully claimed your IOTA!