How to add Neighbors / Nodes

You can find neighbors by asking in the #nodesharing channel on the official IOTA Slack.

If you are not already a member, you can sign up here:

Within the GUI, select ‘Tools -> Edit Server Configuration’ to add neighbours.

In the text box below ‘Neighboring Nodes’ you need to add a different node to each line. Be careful not to add an incorrect character or any extra space.

It is recommended that you have between 7 and 9 neighbours. All must add your node in return as, if they do not add you, you will not be able to connect to them. Having more than 9 neighbours is highly advised against, as it is harming the network.

Click ‘Save’ and the GUI wallet will restart.

It is important to note that having a static IP is required to use IOTA for any length of time. If you have a dynamic IP it will change roughly every 8 hours, meaning you will need to periodically ask all of your neighbors to update your IP; this is obviously not sustainable.

You can use a service such as to get a static IP - see our guide here for instructions: