GUI Troubleshooting

Missing Address Checksum

You can fix this error by using the GUI Wallet to produce the checksum. Select View -> Toggle Web Inspector (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I).

At the bottom of the console screen, you need to enter the following command (inputting the address where specified):


The address will now be displayed on the following line, with the checksum added to the end. Use this and it will now be accepted as a valid address. Illegal character in authority at index 6:

There is probably an incorrect character or extra space in your list of nodes. If you cannot go to Tools -> Edit Server Configuration within the GUI, then you need to edit your ‘settings.json’ file. In Windows, you can find it in the following directory (replace ‘xxxx’ with your user name):

        C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\IOTA Wallet

If this problem persists after editing the settings.json file, try only adding one neighbour to this file and then adding the rest, one by one, in the GUI.

Stuck at Milestone 6000

This is due to a missing transaction. You can insert it by going to and then entering the code found here. You must have IOTA running when you do this!

Incorrect Address Length

You have made an error when copying the address - you may have missed some characters or possibly have an unwanted space before or after the address.

GUI (full node)

Setup difficulty: Intermediate

Headless Node (full node)

Setup difficulty: Hard


Setup difficulty: Easy

Android Wallet

Mobile wallet | Setup difficulty: Easy