Nostalgia / Console (IRIC)

Nostalgia is a browser interface with which you can access your node, generate addresses and do transactions. It is recommended to only use nostalgia in Google Chrome. In order to use nostalgia successfully, you need a working node (instructions here).

You can find Nostalgia here:
The console is here:

Some useful commands to use in the Console are as follows:

{"command":"getNodeInfo"} - gets your node info, including latest milestone
{"command": "getNeighbors"} - shows your neighbours and if they are connected
{"command":"getBalances","addresses": ["YOURADDRESS"], "threshold": 100} - retrieves the balance of the given address

GUI (full node)

Setup difficulty: Intermediate

Headless Node (full node)

Setup difficulty: Hard


Setup difficulty: Easy

Android Wallet

Mobile wallet | Setup difficulty: Easy